Friday, July 31, 2009

4th wk in

Wow- going into the month of august already. So fast. Really insane.
Some photos that i took in the city last week:

Found some awesome videos: (ok, all of them are related to Simpsons)

and this for the insane intro bit.

Anyway, nice day today. For once I felt confident for a test- maybe partly coz I studied for it like 2 weeks ago and did more. Some stuff I got was wrong but still should pass- 65%.

Clinic was quite good. first patient complimented me that I would be a very good dentist- very pedantic, and other adjectives (gentle, soft?). but pedantic? I was taken aback coz from what I remember when I first saw the word and checked wiki, it had a bad connotation- but considering the patient’s English as second language background, she might have meant something else. But meh, I’m still happy. Second patient was quite good too. Manage to clean almost half the mouth in 2 hrs. a great success for me considering it involves traumatizing the gum and awkward angles.

All I feel like doing now is jus to watch a movie instead of doing I should be doing i.e. studying and sleeping.


Pye said...

Love the photography never really got into that kind of stuff but it's beautiful. And if you want my opinion relaxing with a good movie can be just as good as studying or sleeping. :)
Good luck with Life!!

yataolong said...

thanks pye!