Friday, September 25, 2009


to those who are still visiting, i thank you.
this is my current desktop background.
and i'm sick. :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

4th wk in

Wow- going into the month of august already. So fast. Really insane.
Some photos that i took in the city last week:

Found some awesome videos: (ok, all of them are related to Simpsons)

and this for the insane intro bit.

Anyway, nice day today. For once I felt confident for a test- maybe partly coz I studied for it like 2 weeks ago and did more. Some stuff I got was wrong but still should pass- 65%.

Clinic was quite good. first patient complimented me that I would be a very good dentist- very pedantic, and other adjectives (gentle, soft?). but pedantic? I was taken aback coz from what I remember when I first saw the word and checked wiki, it had a bad connotation- but considering the patient’s English as second language background, she might have meant something else. But meh, I’m still happy. Second patient was quite good too. Manage to clean almost half the mouth in 2 hrs. a great success for me considering it involves traumatizing the gum and awkward angles.

All I feel like doing now is jus to watch a movie instead of doing I should be doing i.e. studying and sleeping.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3rd wk in

“17 … satisfactory MO amalgam”

I scribbled that down. At least I’m doing something. Something that will take my mind off it. Still cant believe that just happened. I’m jus going to pretend nothing happened and go home and cry. Looking around, other people are still doing their own things, well that’s one less patient for him.

Oh yes, I’m scribing for someone.
“Satisfactory PFM crown”

A nurse walked past peeping in checking if everything is going alright. Yea, she was kind. Very empathetic. She was trying to console me when the patient left. I know I was holding back my ‘disappointment’ then. And I said something stupid just to take the attention off me- the lights couldn’t be switched off. Pretending nothing happened, I started tidying my stuff. And she and another nurse started talking to me. Saying how this system is retarded- not that exact word- tutor working non-stop, having more tutors to supervise. And suggest that maybe I call the person back again.

“a bridge- abutment, pontic, abutment”

I could have done stuff for him. Like at least a restoration. That sharp edge on his 12, that black 13 root didn’t even got checked. But I cant coz I didn’t get my plans signed off. And the tutor still justified his actions after the event, saying it was 10 mins coz mine wasn’t a priority and if the patient couldn’t even wait, it’s better to leave now rather halfway thru the treatment. Now he’s gone and I can't even do a thing. My patient and I were ‘connecting’ well before that. He was a pomme. Went to war- talked about his tank caught in a firing range, becoming a cook after that, coming to wa, working in a mining site, handling explosives. But then what happened after he went to the toilet? I’m still shocked. From that.

“12 normal”
“that’s the word”

He came back, I went over to sit him down and he said:
“I don’t think I want to wait anymore"
At first I still don’t quite understand what he meant, if I understood him correctly. Then he reached over to take his jacket and umbrella that we’ve said I would remind him to take.
“it’s not your fault” he said to me
“cant you jus wait for a while more? I’ll do a scale and clean, might as well, since you’re here”
“nah mate, don’t bother, have a good life” and he pat on me and started walking off.
“ I'm not coming back so don’t bother calling me” he said before disappearing out the door.
I was left dumbstruck, and nurses started to come over asking happened.

“sorry, what was 11”
“sound, 21 satisfactory MO composite”

Maybe I should just concentrate on this instead.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

First week back

Went for indigenous/ multicultural lectures. Did presentation( i know it’s jus the first week). One more assignment on top of the 3 or 4 that we’re having. Today was a break- but I had to go to arrange my patients- get them in so that I can work them asap. I’m still a bit in the holiday mood, havn’t quite settled down yet, not yet found that mood to study yet. And 1 presentation, 3 tests, within the next 2 weeks. Sigh.

Anyway- awesome videos that I found.

The climb

I thought she knew

Poker Face

You are the music of my heart- multilanguage

Breaking free- multilanguage

Friday, June 19, 2009


So, I’m back. after 2 weeks of hellish exam. Thank God i'm still alive. Started off by cramming pathology for the whole study week, exam on sat; study orthodontics for one day then exam; study general medicine for one day and exam(that one was insane - going from kidney to liver to blood vessel); then back to staring at microscopy slides and bottle; pharmacology 4 days after (that one was the worst- all the drug names and stuff- might hv failed that one- but hopefully it’s not a must-pass exam) and one day for dentures, crowns and bridges(that one was ok - coz even tho it covered everything from every single 20+ lectures, it was rather general- like list 2 (out of the 5-6 in the lectures) of advantage/disadvantage/indication/contra-indications)…and after that exam- everyone was high. Don’t think anyone else will appreciate this short break as much as we will. I'm actually sick of staying awake to study- but now i'm waking up at 10am- because i can afford to.

And that was all just a glimpse of wat’s to come next semester. 10 units + patients(I’m actually so sick of seeing patients). But hey, I’m half way thru- (just half way- unlike other people-either almost done or one year left).

2 weeks of holiday will start next week. Got one group assignment, assignment and online assessment to do. And I need to go back into clinic tomorrow to check on my patient who came in today for emergency (a fifth year student told me that through facebook- how

Random photos from the whole sem+ this exam:
we had to bend wires- according to the shape drawn on the paper- with different sizes

Got myself awesome (-ly cheap) highlighters to coordinate my clinic sessions

candies from royal perth hospital where i had lectures once a week (blue stuff are called clouds and they are awesome and they are only 5 cents each)

i bent that for myself coz i cudnt be bother doing any work in the lab

more lollies

the very last exercise we had to do for orthodontics wire-bending

studying for pathology- slides and bottles likes:

adenocarcinoma of the colon

fatty liver due to alcohol consumption

dunno why i cant drink coffee anymore- got stomachache twice for drinking coffee

yea... i pretty much dont have a life besides study. oh ya- a classic comment:
My life sucks! Oh wait, it can't coz I dont even have one...

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Why am I in perth!!!!!!!!!!!!

So why am I so crazy you ask?
It’s a new movie by yasmin ahmad (if you don’t know who she is, you can GO DIE or watch this multi-award winning ad
the love of tan hong ming
The storyline is interesting- awesome music, awesome new casts,
Portrays lives of the different races in msia (something I’m close to)
It’s by yasmin ahmad!!- there’s gonna be loads of tears and laughters.
I’m already crying….

Her news
The official website - check out the 'behind the scene'
Her ad for some Singapore family department -watch it 
trailers for talentime

i'm going to get all her past movies and watch them all- especially 'Muallaf'
and if you've never heard sepet...pls go far far away from me 

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Have been playing with picasa editing tool. And lovin some of the photos.